New cooperation in CICONIA-Project of cross border cultural cooperation in Rostock
The CICONIA-Project is going to work in a new close cooperation with the culture association KARO gAG. The project partners in CICONIA project come from Sweden, Denmark and Poland.
They are leaders and artists of performing and theatre groups, from a media art institution and a university of Arts.
Four cultural associations from the city of Rostock founded this stock company KARO gAG in 2009. Those were the art school of Rostock, the media art school called institute of new media, the art cinema Li.Wu. and the local citizen radio called Lohro. These four cultural institutions are shareholders of cooperation, which organize several cultural and educational activities.
In addition to the four cultural institutions of FRIEDA 23 there will be tenants from other cultural players in this new art center. One of new partners and tenants in this school building is a company that supports new and young music groups and bands.
In cooperation with the KARO association the project is able to add new performing places and new groups in international performing art context. Especially the media art groups are planning to cooperate with the theatre and performing art groups, to create new and interdisciplinary art projects, for example a combination of animation, performing and spoken word theatre.
The cooperation agreement between CUBUS as a partner of CICONIA-Project and KARO was developed in last month of 2013 and was signed in the end of December 2013. The working fields of cooperation are fixed in the contract of cooperation:
–    Installation of a network of performing, theatre and media art groups
–    Installation of a network of other art groups
–    Installation of a network of music groups and international connections of music groups
–    International offering of the performing and film places of FRIEDA 23
–    Cooperation with University of Theatre and music of Rostock

The University of Theatre and Music also may be also an associated partner of the cooperation between association KARO gAG and CICONIA-Project so it would be able toparticipate from the project of cross border cultural cooperation.
The cooperation is going to start workings in the beginning of 2014.

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